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Eric_Matyas opened this issue on Sep 08, 2014 · 328 posts

  Eric_Matyas ( posted at 7:37AM Wed, 23 August 2017 

Hi everyone, I've received a number of requests from game developers for .ogg versions of my tracks and have been asked why .ogg files aren't posted on my site. The reason is that my hosting company doesn't support that file please feel free to convert my tracks to .ogg (or any file format that you need.) :-) That said, this week's new free tracks are on my Sci-Fi 5 page, my Puzzle Music page and my Funny 3 page: "Cyber City Nights" "Bubble Gum Puzzler" (looping) "Bubble Gum Puzzler 2" (looping) "Down the Drain" (looping) "Planning Heists in '83" (looping) Enjoy!