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 Subject: Darth J's WIP and Freebies (Take 2)

DarthJ opened this issue on Dec 15, 2010 · 621 posts

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  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:51PM Thu, 29 November 2012  · @4015298

3 words are close.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 10:49PM Fri, 30 November 2012  · @4015697

After the posh info desk at the front entrance, the somewhat less glamorous back entrance of the factory.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 12:49AM Sat, 01 December 2012  · @4015708

Looking good - no idea what it is yet though! ;-)

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:39AM Sat, 01 December 2012  · @4015715

The somewhat less glamorous back entrance of the factory maybe ?

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 2:07AM Sat, 01 December 2012  · @4015719

He he - yes, indeed... ;-)

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 11:55AM Mon, 03 December 2012  · @4016527


Though the building may be somewhat derelict a brand new striker-repellent gate is under construction.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 3:24PM Mon, 03 December 2012  · @4016589

Nice ;-)

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 3:42PM Mon, 03 December 2012  · @4016598

Now with gate. Can be electrified, electrocuting anyone who touches it, power settings range from "Mildly Shocking" to "Roast Beef".

Should I upload it to 4Shared ?

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 3:49PM Mon, 03 December 2012  · @4016601

Those slats look just right for firing a few rounds of ammunition through...

...rubber bullets of course.

The package has arrived by the way... its onward journey should continue tomorrow...


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 4:13PM Mon, 03 December 2012  · @4016610

Ah, good news. My Crowd Control Device reaching its final destination. I'll explain when it gets here.

Don't forget to PM me with the necessary information to pay you. And if you have another idea/request for an architectural freebie, go ahead. Or just some render that "awakens the Ebots" maybe ?

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:18PM Tue, 04 December 2012  · @4016963

No comment.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 5:47PM Tue, 04 December 2012  · @4016971

He he ;-)

Excellent! The new premises are coming along nicely I see...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 10:10PM Wed, 05 December 2012  · @4017402

An agreement was found ending the strike ...

Note : the gate sign can be moved up and down.


  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 1:41AM Thu, 06 December 2012  · @4017434

Excellent :thumbup:

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:52PM Thu, 13 December 2012 · edited on 8:59PM Thu, 13 December 2012 · @4020031

Remember this paragraph ?

Anyone wants to take one of my lesser worries away ? I need a UK-based person with a Paypal and Ebay account to buy on Ebay-UK a 9.95£ item for me. The seller suffers from the widespread fear for foreign postal services. All expenses paid by me of course. PM for details.

Well, I love it when an evil plan comes to work and thanks to a redshirted middle(wo)man I got the desired object. Thankfully the English seller didn't consider the wild territory above Hadrian's Wall (aka Scotland) as being foreign. Don't laugh, on Ebay UK it is possible to block bidders from the "Scottish Higlands and Islands", among a lot of other places. I don't know any other European Ebay where it's possible to block so many locations within their own country. Add to that that Ebay made some mistakes with the postal codes and the lack of geographical knowledge of some sellers. In Scotland even an enquiry has been opened concerning this discrimination of Scottish buyers.

And what was this preciousss object the seller didn't want to sell abroad ? An AM-winder, a badge-engineered Praktica B-winder meant to be used with the Jenaflex AM-1 camera, which in turn is a badge-engineered Praktica BC1 camera. Praktica's were often re-branded when sold abroad : Porst and Revue in West-Germany, Pentor in France, Jenaflex in the UK, Hanimex in the USA ... to name only a few. Note that all these winders were made in Japan.

While the original East-German camera and winder are easy to find, the Jenaflex are not. Even more unusual is a re-branded accessory, since all parts are compatible. Luckily the seller didn't realise what he was selling.

For those that know nothing about photography :

A winder cares for automatic film transport and allows burst shooting. Until the 1980s- 1990s they were separate accessories, nowadays they are incorporated into the camera.

These B- or AM- winders date from the 1980s and produce a very loud sewing-machine whine when used. Which I find very practical since it keeps other people at a respectable distance, even in dense crowds.

If anybody has Praktica or other East-German camera (parts) gathering dust on his/her attic, I'm always interested.

And no this post isn't OT, how else should I get textures or documentation than with a camera ? It's a tool of the freebie trade ...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 10:19PM Sat, 15 December 2012  · @4020645

Royal Mail charges the same postage everywhere except the Channel Islands (according to their Price Finder), but of course some sellers want to use private courriers and those  won't miss an opportunity to charge more. It becomes problematic when Aberdeen is considered to be located in the "Highlands". And it gets ridiculous when people in southern England (Porthsmouth I think) are denied biddng because they share the same postal code as the Isle of Wight. All found in Ebay forums.

As for remote, up north they even have motorways and dual carriageways without passing places nowadays.

The lenses : of course I can clean any external dust or dirt but not internal since I'm not able to repair these devices : even if I had the knowledge I don't have the eyesight anymore. You can always send me a PM with your 'somewhere' findings, anything except the mummified cat in that dark corner.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 4:51AM Sun, 16 December 2012  · @4020771

Kind of continuing your earlier cold war espionage theme Darth... and just mentioning for interest's sake... I have an old ZENIT 12S sitting next to me here in a box of miscellaneous "junk" (as the wife calls it) next to my old Nokia 9000i Communicator (as featured in the film version of The Saint, starring Val Kilmer, which was filmed partly in Moscow).

I suspect the camera might still work with some TLC... but sadly the Nokia Communicator no longer seems to be operational (at least the clamshell PC part - no sign of life). The battery is shot... but the phone interface still switches on, when it is plugged into the mains... so I think the PC part being dead must be something else.

Like The Saint's Communicator, this one has also travelled to Moscow... during one of my former lives ;-)

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 2:05PM Tue, 18 December 2012  · @4021953

I think its from the 80s... possibly even 90s, that Zenit 12S I have.

So unfortunately not yet a museum piece.

Funnily enough there is a Nokia 9000 Communicator just like mine in a display case in the National Museum of Scotland. But I don't expect they need a second one currently ;-)

Sorry to hear about the automotive mishap!

If only a Mitsubishi Space Star was quite as 70s/80s retro sci-fi as it's name suggests...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:43PM Fri, 21 December 2012  · @4023206

About 6000 Euro ... for spare parts alone. For a 3-year old car that cost 18.000 Euro new. At the garage they are very reluctant to speak about the future of my car. There might be no future at all if the car is considered a "total loss" by the insurance company.



  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 9:43AM Tue, 01 January 2013  · @4026327

Excellent! Thanks Darth...

I'm in a lodge on the banks of Loch Tay, with minimal bandwidth currently... but I look forward to downloading it on my return home ;)

Happy New Year for 2013!

My new year resolution is to finish that shop front render... for starters.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 11:02AM Tue, 01 January 2013 · edited on 11:10AM Tue, 01 January 2013 · @4026370

After the army I knew camping out in the woods in rather primitive conditions was not how I wanted to spend my holidays.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 6:35PM Tue, 01 January 2013  · @4026555



  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 4:24PM Wed, 02 January 2013 · edited on 4:25PM Wed, 02 January 2013 · @4026885

wip #2, nearly done.



  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 2:16PM Sat, 19 January 2013  · @4032737

The insurance company decided to pay for the repairs, a "mere" 6000 Euro for a car that  is worth less than 10000 Euro. They must have considered it as a unique specimen of automotive engineering that they didn't send it straight to the scrapyard.

Well, let's hope this incident will become only a minor footnote in the long-lived history of this car.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 2:30PM Sat, 19 January 2013  · @4032743

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

Back to the mistery object 2 posts ago. Hmmm, where did I leave it ?

... maybe the girl above knows where ... OH NO ... she didn't !!! It's not a ...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 2:40PM Sat, 19 January 2013  · @4032750

Ah, here it is. Actually I was hunting for a live specimen to make a more realistic model but it took a while before I could catch one for a reasonable price. It is known as a Winkelsucher or angled viewfinder in English.



  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 2:47PM Sat, 19 January 2013  · @4032759

This viewfiender is attached to the camera like this ... and sort of funtions as an upside-down periscope.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 2:53PM Sat, 19 January 2013  · @4032761

Not much used, mostly for precision photography and/or working with a low tripod. Totally outdated today with all those cameras working with a viewscreen.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 12:15AM Sun, 05 May 2013  · @4064345

Excellent - thanks Darth! :)

Great setting for that massage table indeed...

  Scatha    ( ) ( posted at 7:23PM Mon, 13 May 2013  · @4066674

Quote - Irish panda's :

3060FZ : Belfast, all black.

AZD105 : Dublin. Garda vehicles in those days were usually "a shade of navy blue".


Belfast is UK, not Ireland...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:47PM Tue, 14 May 2013  · @4066884

So, why didn't anyone protest when I made a "Scottish" texture for the ambulance ? Scotland is (at the moment) as much part of the UK as Northern Ireland.

  Scatha    ( ) ( posted at 4:55PM Thu, 16 May 2013  · @4067334

Neither of which is Irish...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 2:38PM Sun, 02 June 2013  · @4071191

It's not a shower !

It's not Irish !

It's ... your guess ...

(model with unfinished textures shown)

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:08PM Fri, 07 June 2013  · @4072499

My Google-Fu disciple  must be out camping in the highlands again. Hunting Haggis.

Anyway, this is the TELETIJDMACHINE, the time travelling machine from the Flemish "Suske en Wiske" comics. You may know them as "Spike and Suzy" or "Bob et Bobette" or as one of many other translations.

You get the interface, 2consoles and a cabin, of which the design was never consistent throughout the years. I didn't construct the machine itself, usually a maze of electric gear drawn faintly in the background.

A more detailed description of each part later on.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:13PM Fri, 14 June 2013  · @4073963

I think a Haggis got him.

Anyway, a more detailed look at the control console. Nr 1, 2 and 3 are based on the comics, I invented 4 and 5.

1 : black levers control position, red lever controls time.

2 : view screen showing position, doubles as tv screen where you can see what's happening.

3 : destination date.

4 : power source(s) control.

5 : "go" button.

And did you notice the louvres ? Real 3D, not a texture.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:50PM Sat, 15 June 2013  · @4074260

The Cabin

No nice "beaming" here, rather a sometimes very rough "zapping" .

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:07AM Sun, 16 June 2013  · @4074303

The Many Blinking Lights console.

In the comics this console is largely ignored but actually this would be the computer mainframe. While the control console on the right allows "express-delivery" into past or future this panel would be used to calculate more fine-tuned time-travelling.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 2:28AM Tue, 18 June 2013 · edited on 2:29AM Tue, 18 June 2013 · @4074838

Ha ha! I'm back... albeit briefly ;-)

It wasn't / isn't a haggis... but rather a pair of haggis bairns. They don't have rocket packs. But they are equipped with sonic weaponry... and front and rear propulsion systems.

I've given them the slip, for a short while....

Anyway, nice model Darth! :-) Never heard of / seen Suske en Wiske, I don't think. Might have to look out for the anglicised version...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 6:09PM Tue, 18 June 2013  · @4075034

Here is a list of these comics translated into English :


The Willy & Wanda and Bob & Bobette series contain older yet better stories, of the Spike & Suzy series I would recommend "Highland Games", also an older story still written and drawn by original author Willy Vandersteen.

The more recent releases can still be found on sites such as Amazon or Ebay.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 11:55AM Sat, 22 June 2013  · @4077016

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 11:22AM Sun, 23 June 2013  · @4077510


Ha ha! I'm back... albeit briefly ;-)

Considering the next subject I wouldn't bet on that ...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 3:17PM Mon, 24 June 2013  · @4078060

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

And the next freebie is ... ehhh wait till I take some distance ...


  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 3:27PM Mon, 24 June 2013  · @4078070

Ah... I remember there were a few of those littering the beach when I was a kid...

...used to climb on them...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 3:03PM Tue, 25 June 2013 · edited on 3:09PM Tue, 25 June 2013 · @4078637

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

I don't think they would leave armed mines laying about, unless they just washed ashore. Then you were very lucky.

Anyway, that seamine is NOT the next freebie.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 4:19PM Tue, 25 June 2013  · @4078684

He he :)

I'm pretty sure they'd been disarmed... if not I'm probably lucky to be here...

Is that Roxie, by the way?

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:59PM Tue, 25 June 2013  · @4078786

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

It is Roxie ...

  shante    ( ) ( posted at 6:50AM Wed, 26 June 2013  · @4078964

cute....who's roxie?

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 12:11PM Wed, 26 June 2013  · @4079108

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

She is the new PoserPro 10/2014 female.

  shante    ( ) ( posted at 2:18PM Wed, 26 June 2013  · @4079162

looks srta like miki. can you show some views of her feet and still remain on-topic? lol

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 4:00PM Wed, 26 June 2013  · @4079193

Want a render to compare feet ? Not yet, though I can confirm she is very similar to Miki 4.

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