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 Subject: Darth J's WIP and Freebies (Take 2)

DarthJ opened this issue on Dec 15, 2010 · 621 posts

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  foxylady1    ( ) ( posted at 11:30AM Tue, 09 October 2012 · edited on 11:32AM Tue, 09 October 2012 · @3997406

You are going on vacation?

You are going on a forced vacation because you were arrested?

Your vacation destination is so secret, you would have to kill yourself if you told us?


  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 11:31AM Tue, 09 October 2012  · @3997407

Aha...well, have a good holiday(?) in Berlin(?)


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 3:51PM Tue, 09 October 2012  · @3997498

Yes, Berlin again, as last year. 4 days at the "Venus" (Google=NSFW), the other days are spent wandering around along the former Wall and in East-Berlin. 

I'll be armed with 2 camera's, the latest Japanese technology (able to shoot in twilight without a flash) and a vintage 1980s East-German Praktica.

I hope to break my record of last year when I took 9000 pictures.


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:19PM Wed, 17 October 2012  · @4001415

Transmitting from West-Berlin.


Last year I started a thread about Berlin in the main Poser forum though it didn't take long before some troll wandered in and messed it up. So I'll post a few things about this year's trip here where only the more intelligent gather.

In this hotel I've only got 24 hours free on the internet, after that it's a whopping 11 Euros/day or the free but slow public computer in the lobby.



  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:44PM Wed, 17 October 2012  · @4001431

Day 1 : Bernauer Strasse.

One of the more notorious locations of the Berlin Wall. On site is shown how far the East-German government went to construct  their wall : people were driven out of their houses and relocated. These houses were later demolished. A graveyard was partly cleared, though it is suspected 2 mass graves (from WWII bombings) were left intact. Finally, in 1985 a church was blown up  because it hindered the guards line of sight.

Picture : part of the Todesstreifen (see also my freebie) was reconstructed on its former location.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 9:25PM Wed, 17 October 2012 · edited on 9:31PM Wed, 17 October 2012 · @4001438

Day 2 : Stasi Museum.

Visiting the former East-German Secret Service (STAats SIcherheit) headquarters.

Some of the interior is being preserved as it was in 1990.

Picture :

Barkas B1000 GTW (GefangenenTransportWagen), prisoner transporter. Disguised as ordinary delivery van or "camper", notice the curtains.



  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:21PM Thu, 25 October 2012  · @4003815

I'm back home, not much happening in my thread ... maybe did you all fear that my previous post was actually about my former workplace and didn't dare to reply anymore ?

Allright, I know what you are really interested in : a new freebie.

Let's see ... excuse me while I check my luggage.

Ah, there it is, a WIP.

Though being evil I will hide any information about this freebie in some more posts about things to see (and not) in Berlin.

Stay tuned !

Picture : miniature camera's were very popular in East-Germany ... with the Stasi (State Security). Though this particular "Beirette" was sold by Boots in the UK.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 6:58AM Fri, 26 October 2012  · @4003989

Let's first mention a place to avoid :

Madame Tussaud's Berlin

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:40AM Fri, 26 October 2012  · @4004001

Let's first mention a place to avoid :

Madame Tussaud's Berlin




Let's first mention a place to avoid :

Madame Tussaud's Berlin









I don't know what's up with the forum but it doesn't post fully my replies, see above.

Even copy+paste doesn't work.

One more try and I give up : no story, no freebie.






  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:10AM Fri, 26 October 2012 · edited on 8:11AM Fri, 26 October 2012 · @4004008

Nope, something is killing my larger messages. That's it .

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:41AM Fri, 26 October 2012 · edited on 8:45AM Fri, 26 October 2012 · @4004014

One more try taking a detour ...

A place to avoid :

Madame Tussaud's Berlin.

Expensive entrance, 20.95 Euro. Hordes of school children on an "educational" school trip. Overly friendly (not normal for Germany) and somewhat pushy staff trying to sell you tickets for their other exhibitions and ushering you to a Trabant car for a picture (sold at 10 Euro).

Yes, you have walked into a Tourist Trap.

The exhibition is more "sensation" than "education" and meant to be "interactive", which means the figures are placed so that you can pose and take your picture with them. Not much scenery. There is one exception : Adolf Hitler. You are not even allowed to take a picture of him and to this purpose they have placed him in a "bunker", only visible through 2 small windows. It's the usual clash between reality and German denial policy.

There are about 95 wax figures in politics, scientific, sports and artist departments, sometimes they seem somewhat lost between the crowd. My freebie is usually crowded too, unless you use the alternative version which is quite the opposite : empty, eerie ...

I bought the guide (5 Euro) which amazingly is rather educational showing among other things the hard work that goes into constructing these figures. It's really a shame that they end up in a sideshow like this.

It's obvious I didn't find anything useful for a freebie here.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 4:24PM Sun, 28 October 2012 · edited on 4:24PM Sun, 28 October 2012 · @4004823

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

Let the guesswork begin ...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 8:51AM Mon, 29 October 2012  · @4005024

Hmmm.... I had no ebots for this thread lately :huh:

I will remember the Madame Tusaud's tip. He he.

As to guessing the freebie... not a clue off the bat. I will have to employ the Google-fu... which will be a little later this evening 😉

  SamTherapy    ( ) ( posted at 10:52AM Mon, 29 October 2012  · @4005044

Where's the sword?  ;)

Coppula eam se non posit acceptera jocularum.

My Store

My Gallery

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 12:36PM Mon, 29 October 2012 · edited on 12:38PM Mon, 29 October 2012 · @4005108

quote : Hmmm.... I had no ebots for this thread lately

Funny that your E-bot only reacted on my first post with a nudity tag ...

quote : I will have to employ the Google-fu

The freebie is fictituous though inspired by several existing buildings. Not difficult as there are many such buildings.

I visited the Edinburgh Wax Museum once which was quite different and where I learnt that Scottish history was mainly written with 3 "M"'s : Mayhem, Murder, Massacre. And that was before the "Chamber of Horrors". Much more entertaining than the Berlin one.









  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 12:46PM Mon, 29 October 2012  · @4005113

My ebots are back! Must have been that nudity indeed that woke them from their slumber 😉

The NSFW NVIATWAS (...that's Without A Sword) meant I couldn't look at the render for long. He he. Now I am somewhat wedged on a bus. Will have to scrutinise later...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 12:55PM Mon, 29 October 2012  · @4005115

quote : Where's the sword?  ;)

a) it's not a temple.

b) it's not a Vicky but a Miki.

So there isn't a sword either, I can only offer you a bayonet (see above) that is loosely connected with the alternative version of my freebie.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 1:06PM Mon, 29 October 2012  · @4005120

He he :laugh:

Is the freebie the "Neue Wache" memorial?

Google-fu whilst still on the bus... now that it is a little emptier 😉

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:47PM Mon, 29 October 2012  · @4005141

No, it's not the Neue Wache, which lost much of its "charm" without the guard-changing routine of the East-German army.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 3:45PM Mon, 29 October 2012  · @4005174

Awww... I knew it was a longshot though.

Hmmm.... not a clue then. More Google trawling may be required later... unless anyone beats me to it...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 11:45AM Tue, 30 October 2012 · edited on 11:54AM Tue, 30 October 2012 · @4005421

Columns are not always carved in stone ( or marmor, granite, concrete, etc...).

Above : an old render that has nothing to do with my freebie.



  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 3:56PM Tue, 30 October 2012  · @4005515

He he... yeah, I'm even more stumped after that "clue"...

Nice render though 😉

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 6:27PM Tue, 30 October 2012  · @4005596

The 26 was "my" line to Edinburgh city centre. Not that my freebie is a bus station, done that before.

Let's take another look at my freebie in a more appropriate colour, Reseda Green (RAL 6011).

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:04PM Tue, 30 October 2012  · @4005609

A place to see :

The Nikolaiviertel (The Nikolai Quarter).

Although it's almost totally "fake".

The old city centre of Berlin was bombed to rubble in WWII. Afterwards the rubble was cleared but all that was left was a wasteland with a few houses and a church ruin. Since the space was too small for the large housing projects of East-Germany this situation remained until the early 1980s.

Then the government decided - with the upcoming 750th anniversary of Berlin (1987) in view - that an "authentic" looking city centre would look nice. The church was reconstructed as about the only really authentic building, some long-since demolished buildings were also reconstructed not minding some architectural liberties such as exact location and finally the gaps were filled with "custom-build" 1980's Plattenbau. The result doesn't look bad at all.

Surrounded by large lanes and the Spree river the quarter is rather like a peaceful island in a busy city. and with no real attractions relatively few tourists wander about. Just the place sit on a bench, eat my lunch and think about a new freebie to releash upon you.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:06PM Tue, 30 October 2012  · @4005611

Another typical view of the Nikolaiviertel : reconstructed on the left, Plattenbau front and right.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:09PM Tue, 30 October 2012 · edited on 7:12PM Tue, 30 October 2012 · @4005612

And that's what it looked like from WWII until the 1980s. I didn't take this picture. Wide lanes (suited for parades) all around, river Spree at the back. The building in front is the "Rote Rathaus", the Red Cityhall. Also damaged in WWII but reconstructed by 1955.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:17PM Tue, 30 October 2012  · @4005613

Compare with this picture from 2011, both were taken from the Fernsehturm.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:40PM Fri, 02 November 2012  · @4006803

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

It seems there is only 1 way to awaken the Ebots.

Render : Miki working at a sign for my freebie. If you can read it, you should be able to guess what this freebie is about ...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 5:49PM Fri, 02 November 2012  · @4006808

He he. That worked a treat! 😄

For the ebots anyway.

Unfortunately I am still drawing a blank on guessing the freebie... and my Google-fu has deserted me! :huh:

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:03PM Fri, 02 November 2012  · @4006832

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

... One step to the side ...

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 2:52AM Sat, 03 November 2012  · @4006942

Okay, I got the B and H, then a 1.


Hmmm.... still drawing a blank. I'm going to have to walk around the BH1 area in Berlin in Google Earth to figure this out I think :laugh:

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 3:28AM Sat, 03 November 2012  · @4006946

That would be a rather long walk since you are on the wrong track and would end up in Bournemouth, UK !

(that's another clue).

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 3:34PM Sat, 03 November 2012 · edited on 3:36PM Sat, 03 November 2012 · @4007166

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

Ok, one more try. After that and before this thread derails into boredom all will be revealed. But some guesses first !


  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 3:08AM Sun, 04 November 2012  · @4007275

BHF Bank? Or Bauhaus Forum?

I'm stumped! 😕

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 4:35AM Sun, 04 November 2012  · @4007284

Oh dear, your Google-Fu really packed its suitcases and left. A German would immediately guess what that abbreviation stands for. 

Another clue : Waverley.



  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 5:39AM Sun, 04 November 2012  · @4007293

Aha! Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof train station???

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 7:06AM Sun, 04 November 2012  · @4007314

Ah, close but no cigar then... so... what is it???

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:15AM Sun, 04 November 2012  · @4007315

An S-Bahnhof. Indicating an elevated station used by the S-Bahn trains, but sometimes also by "regular" trains and confusingly also by underground trains (U-Bahn).

See clues in my previous posts such as "track" and "derailed" ...

The building is fictituous, inspired by several buildings in Berlin though it could be used anywhere.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 7:18AM Sun, 04 November 2012  · @4007317

Ah, my poor German, language and general knowledge, derailed my Google-fu...

Good freebie... I look forward to that one... ;-)

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:33AM Sun, 04 November 2012  · @4007319

Well, you did remember the name of your own main Station (Waverley) ...

BTW the render above is a WIP, needs finishing on the lower floor.


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:41AM Sun, 04 November 2012 · edited on 7:41AM Sun, 04 November 2012 · @4007321

If anyone cares to read that Wikipedia - link about the Hauptbahnhof, in that article they also mention work on the U5 underground line was stopped because of lack of funds. The good news is they have found some spare change and are digging again, probably they will finish the "Missing Link" between Brandenburger Tor and Alexanderplatz this time. See picture.


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:40AM Sun, 04 November 2012  · @4007326

Which reminds me of that other major construction site ... my office last Friday.


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:25PM Tue, 27 November 2012  · @4014775

Well, we survived that too.

The S-Bahn station is on hold. There are a few real-life things bothering me and it's keeping away the inspiration to finish this freebie.

I've got another freebie that doesn't need more inspiration, maybe I'll release that first, see render above. 

Anyone wants to take one of my lesser worries away ? I need a UK-based person with a Paypal and Ebay account to buy on Ebay-UK a 9.95£ item for me. The seller suffers from the widespread fear for foreign postal services. All expenses paid by me of course. PM for details.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 9:16AM Wed, 28 November 2012  · @4014869

This should be the final version of the INFODESK.

The wood grain texture comes straight from furniture in STASI headquarters, Berlin.

The lettering consists of 3 separate objects and can be removed.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 4:18PM Wed, 28 November 2012  · @4015042

Awesome ;-)

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 6:26PM Wed, 28 November 2012  · @4015097

I see your E-bots were awakened *without * using a nudity tag. Maybe then I should stop posting renders requiring such a nudity tag ?

** cue innocent whistle **

Don't you wanna play the "middle man" between me and an English Ebay vendor ? You know, the guy that always gets killed in the movies aka the "sacrificial lamb" or "Red Shirt".

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 2:11AM Thu, 29 November 2012  · @4015164

He he... well might depend what it is I guess? 😉

Dont use eBay really myself... but my wife does.

PM me a link to the item and I'll take a look...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:41AM Thu, 29 November 2012  · @4015194

PM sent.

Now I know why the "middle man" always gets killed : he Knows Too Much. Such as names and addresses.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 9:39AM Thu, 29 November 2012  · @4015225

Prelude to a new freebie ...

  GeneralNutt    ( ) ( posted at 12:46PM Thu, 29 November 2012  · @4015274

Cave in? CEO Jet, to tell the workers how the company isn't making any money? Johny on the spot? Bus on fire? Am I close?

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