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 Subject: Darth J's WIP and Freebies (Take 2)

DarthJ opened this issue on Dec 15, 2010 · 621 posts

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  stronghands07    ( ) ( posted at 6:37AM Tue, 03 July 2012  · @3952104

This looks interesting.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:32PM Tue, 03 July 2012  · @3952446


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 4:48AM Sat, 07 July 2012  · @3954096


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:23AM Sun, 08 July 2012  · @3954555

  foxylady1    ( ) ( posted at 7:28AM Sun, 08 July 2012  · @3954571

Hey, that looks great.  Thanks.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 10:47AM Thu, 12 July 2012  · @3956231


  foxylady1    ( ) ( posted at 10:50AM Thu, 12 July 2012  · @3956232

Okay Darth, I'll bite.  What is it?  It sort of looks like something for trains.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 11:02AM Thu, 12 July 2012  · @3956238

This has NOTHING to do with trains.

Measurements are about 5m high and 6m wide, but those are not important.

Next guess ...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:12PM Thu, 12 July 2012  · @3956431


Typical LPG (= Landwirtschaftliche Produktionsgenossenschaft) garage for farming equipment.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 4:48AM Wed, 18 July 2012  · @3959335

Fully awesome thread... subscribed... thanks for everything so far Darth 😄

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 11:44AM Wed, 18 July 2012  · @3959496

Ah, a new fan. That makes 2.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 11:54AM Wed, 18 July 2012  · @3959497

He he... just been right past there on the bus.

Wasn't the number 14 though...


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 12:25PM Wed, 18 July 2012  · @3959512

21 Years earlier. The corner building was still a Bank of Scotland Branch, not some pizza parlour. Hardly visible to its left the "modern" St James Shopping Centre, one of the ugliest buildings ever.



  foxylady1    ( ) ( posted at 12:45PM Wed, 18 July 2012  · @3959520

Were you going to model the bank, Darth?  Looks like an interesting project.

(I am sure you have more than two fans.)

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:28PM Wed, 18 July 2012  · @3959544

My latest and probably last visit to Edinburgh was in 2006 as a sort of "farewell tour".  So the bank (or any other Scottish building) is not on my list. My new yearly(?) travel destination is Berlin, with a special interest in anything that's left of East-Germany. Still on my to-do list are the Fernsehturm and Palast der Republik.

  thishumblemosquito    ( ) ( posted at 10:16AM Mon, 23 July 2012  · @3961613


Currently downloading a whole load of your freebies. I love them especially the round filling station which is perfect for my current project. I was just wondering, were the Terrace Houses ever released, or are my blind eyes missing the link. I would really love those. Thanks again for the freebies.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 11:00AM Mon, 23 July 2012  · @3961649

No, the terraced houses were never released. As mentioned in my previous post the British themed freebies were shoved aside in favour of the East-German ones. 

IF I can find the files back and IF they are almost ready for "Poserising" I may finish them, eh, "soon".


  thishumblemosquito    ( ) ( posted at 5:44PM Mon, 23 July 2012  · @3961845

Darn. A Double "if" and "soon" -> T_T. At least the railway station is out. I am currently getting the plattenbau models.

I am currently collecting models for renders of a town .Your models are coming in very handy - ready-to-go stuff like the bus station and railway station is what makes me think I can actually do this. Most of the railway stations available are either city, futuristic or old tiny West ones: too big/much or too little and I don't think I have seen a bus station anywhere else. 

The town is meant to be a bit retro/steampunk, but I live in a modern area, where things like the post office are visible as a  counter integrated into the supermarket - and your models save me having to do actual location scouting just to find the look I want - and I don't model so then I'd have to try and use room creator or something to put together the building. Your models are a really a life and brain saver.

The price is great too ^_^!

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 6:31PM Mon, 23 July 2012  · @3961874

The 2 "if" can be removed, I did find an almost ready Poser prop back (see render of not completely textured model above) which seems to be without fault. One of the backyard floors is missing but I have an original solution in mind to solve that problem.

I still have to check if all the texture/material zones are correct, worst case scenario that could prevent a release because this is the only file I could find. All the original files are gone, one computer crash too many. Which means no further corrections or modifications are possible. And I'm not willing to recreate the whole thing either, as they say here "de pastoor doet geen 2 keer de mis voor 't zelfde geld".

The "soon" part that's another matter ...





  thishumblemosquito    ( ) ( posted at 7:36PM Mon, 23 July 2012  · @3961898

You have no idea how you short-circuited my poor mind - German looks like Afrikaans (I'm in South Africa) which I know enough about to mangle both into English, so my brain already started trying but that saying floored me!!! I had to search for a reference to something I could read -  "Een pastoor doet geen twee missen voor het zelfde geld" - "A pastor gives two who don't have before giving himself "?

Hopefully the terrace is alive, but I understand if it isn't.  I have my own experiences with "irrecoverable losses" - sometimes the pain of  knowing with each step that you had so much done, makes re-doing  things a mountain not worth climbing.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:29AM Tue, 24 July 2012  · @3962069

Dutch (or Flemish) ain't German.

Literally : a priest doesn't do the same mass twice for the same money.

Translate : restarting the same building all over again would be utterly boring, as you guessed.

And in the end I would still end up with a different building because my technique has evolved since.


  thishumblemosquito    ( ) ( posted at 7:45PM Tue, 24 July 2012  · @3962291

How to totally mangle Dutch/Flemish:

Die pastoor doet geen 2 keer de mis voor 't zelfde geld

Read sentence and identify what is not translating:

*[keer de mis]: * 'de' makes me think French and that  X de Y = X of Y

Google'd the sentence and got me very similar

"Een pastoor doet geen twee missen voor het zelfde geld"

[keer de mis] = Missen

Google "Missen"  got me German where it means "to be or do without what one needs". misled myself from there.

Een(Afrikaans: een = One/A) pastoor (English: Pastor) doet(Afrikaans:doen = do) geen (Afrikaans: gaan = go/do) twee(two) missen (German) voor (Afrikaans:voor = before) het(Afrikaans: het = have/had) zelfde(English-Afrikaans = self-same) geld(Afrikaans: Geld = money

^_^. Thanks for clarifying.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 4:56PM Wed, 25 July 2012  · @3962682

The good and the bad news.

The prop above is an unfinished "beta-testing" model and cannot be released. However, after some more rummaging through my computer (imagine something like a very dark dungeon) I found an original file which can be modified. So far the good news.

This file is more than 1 year old though. As said before the way I make my models has evolved considerably since and this one needs a major overhaul. So the "soon" remains, that's the bad news.

  thishumblemosquito    ( ) ( posted at 7:48PM Thu, 26 July 2012  · @3963297

Okey Dokey. I have found some other Terraced house to try out, but to be honest, yours just sat right with the vision I had in mind.  The project I wanted them for is due end August,  so I was taking my chances that the files were lying around waiting to be uploaded based on the final renders. Don't push yourself to finish them on my account, but if/when they come out, I'll be right amongst the first to download.

I was hooked by the last render you did with all the rows: instant neighbourhood plus a trainstation to go with it (and there was something about corner store ^_^). Brilliant!

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 10:22AM Sat, 28 July 2012  · @3963799

The 10-house row turned out to be unworkable because of memory limits. Maybe one of the reasons why the project was halted.

Then you mentioned the corner shop, which is actually a separate project. Which I found after another expedition through my dungeonesque computer.

This corner shop has a somewhat simplified design - no realistic interior - but that would be ideal if you want to build a whole city. Though "simplified" is relative, there are still 83 material/texture zones !

Render : the (probably) final "24k solid gold" beta.

  foxylady1    ( ) ( posted at 12:43PM Sat, 28 July 2012  · @3963850

I like the corner shop, Darth.  Somewhere I saw pictures of shop windows used instead of modeling the display in the windows.  If I remember correctly, it turned out pretty good.  Especially for a whole city type render where you are not doing a close-up of the building itself.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 4:20AM Sun, 29 July 2012  · @3964084


  thishumblemosquito    ( ) ( posted at 5:52AM Sun, 29 July 2012  · @3964098

Dungeons? Gold? Your computer might be the next gaming hit complete with mini-quests and hours of game play: Terrace House - The Lost Model. I replied earlier but it looks like my reply was consumed by the blackhole of internet problems.

Funny thing about me and interiors - I lack ... spatial visualisation. (Some say it's because I'm girl; I say it's because nobody told me geometry was meant to be real world practical and not Art for mathematicians).

So I struggle with envisioning what the inside layout of buildings are supposed to be.I like buildings with interiors, but I think I'd actually prefer floor plans, so I can do the interiors separately. I can work with floor plans. Prop Windows/Doors or at least mat zones make my life easier. (This is just an FYI on my views on buildings in general - not my demands)

I tend to brute force it a bit:

Using  the Terrace Shop as an example:

Looked at the windows and doors to see if they'll be a problem. Sometimes they are period specific, and I don't have alternatives to replace them with, and therefore I can't build an interior.

In my case, I can make the interior shots focus on the aisles and the counter, so I can eliminate camera angles that would show the windows or doors, so I don't have to replace them.

Potential  interiors (cheapest to priciest): DarthJ 50s Interior, DAZ Sweet/Magic Shop, DAZ mercantile interior, Meshbox The Store (Versatility of Bundle),  Rendo Boutique (3-D-C)

Mentally visualise workflow: Load model, load walls, place walls around the room  (one From the bay window to corner, intersecting  with one to the end of the upstairs floor, and completing the square)

Initially I thought the counter was on the far inside  but then decided it would probably be to the right of the doors, so that the shopkeeper can keep an eye on the customers by the entrance.

Noticed the window on that wall has grown bigger in the latest image, so counter goes back to the far inside. And have to figure out where to put the stairs  to the upstairs floor.

After this preliminary evaluation, I decide whether the model is viable. Yes it is - and it enters my "get it" list.

Don't know if it's helpful feedback or not, and I speak only for myself.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 3:51PM Mon, 30 July 2012  · @3964726

The latest development : now with a rather plausible yet cramped interior.


  thishumblemosquito    ( ) ( posted at 5:49PM Mon, 30 July 2012  · @3964789

Interior!!!! Whoot! 10 Gold stars to you! Hey, there's  curtains in the windows, and someone in the house next door.  PozDaz People are moving in already ^_^!

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 6:11PM Mon, 30 July 2012  · @3964799

No curtains, that's the wallpaper !


Let's see who knows which song this is part of :

"Down your street your crying is a well-known sound

Your street is very well known, throughout your town

Your town is very famous for the little girl

Whose cries can be heard all around the world"


  thishumblemosquito    ( ) ( posted at 8:10PM Mon, 30 July 2012  · @3964852

Time to check the prescription. Lovely lyrics - but the song's way out of my clue zone. Too worn out to Google.

Layout looks interesting. I shall now challenge myself to fit a kitchen(ette) into the tiny rectangle. In South Africa the Open Plan layout is king - lounge, dining, kitchen all pretending to be spacious by virtue of wall-lessness.

The Store is perfect for that crammed corner store that carries everything!!! Perhaps my store manager shall be the hoarding kind and put a few free sheds in the back for even more stock.

A kitchen has come to mind: - Reika's Japanese70s house here at Rendo  has a kitchen that should fit that space with room to spare. And it is $5.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:24PM Mon, 06 August 2012  · @3968179

And after a dozen or so "final" beta-models the "final" "final" model.

Featuring (amongst other things) :

  • 123 material/texture zones, much more detailing is posssible than shown in the render above : separate wall sections, roofs, etc... 10 Versions of the same brick texture are included to avoid the "tiled" look

  • detailed interior, each room (except 1 toilet) can have its own walls and floor decoration.

  • detailed roof beams. Actually the modelling program generates the roof and beams in one go, easy.

The advert on the wall can be more or less faded using the provided blender node in the material room. The shop has been decorated as a butcher (which relates to the advert).  The roof has been flattened to 15% degree, looks more British.

... and Ivan the Old Dirty Soothy Engine Driver has arrived too ...

(steam engine by birdman on Sharecg, not included)



  foxylady1    ( ) ( posted at 4:30PM Mon, 06 August 2012  · @3968321

That is really awesome, Darth.  Will it be available soon?

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 4:38PM Mon, 06 August 2012  · @3968324

Soon as in Daz-soon !

  foxylady1    ( ) ( posted at 8:51AM Tue, 07 August 2012  · @3968607

I hope you are kidding!

Seriously, that is a really fine model and I would be happy to wait until you are ready to release it.

  thishumblemosquito    ( ) ( posted at 3:00PM Wed, 08 August 2012  · @3969292

Looking good! I'd forgotten a butchery so yeah! Releasing it Daz-soon: letting the model stew in it's own polygons I see. What to do while it simmers away...

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 3:09PM Wed, 08 August 2012  · @3969297

Patience, Grashopper errr Mosquito !

  thishumblemosquito    ( ) ( posted at 3:40PM Wed, 08 August 2012 · edited on 3:41PM Wed, 08 August 2012 · @3969326

Am I annoying you with my whine ^_^?

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 3:53PM Wed, 08 August 2012  · @3969343

Oh no, I wouldn't reply then.

Here, some music while you wait, the song I was/am referring to :


Preferably to be played at 120 Decibel.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 2:28PM Sun, 12 August 2012  · @3971082



... somewhat more than a corner ...

  foxylady1    ( ) ( posted at 3:03PM Sun, 12 August 2012  · @3971088

So glad you finished this one, thank you for sharing with us.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 12:42AM Mon, 13 August 2012  · @3971216

Some more details :

The set consists out of 3 parts : pair-of-mirrored-houses, corner and Butchers Close, a dark, very dark, passageway. You can load the items separately but they won't level exactly then.

Textures :

  • as mentioned before there are 10 variations of a the same tiled seamless brick texture : W10,W11 etc... These were made with a "brick generator" program that unfortunately no longer functions under Vista or Seven.

  • in the textures folder you may find some unused textures, including another brick and more wallpapers, most of those are from "Jennifer's Dollhouse Printables" site.

All together there are more than 200 material zones, you can detail the buildings much more than is shown here. Almost everything except the window glass is mapped for tiled textures.

Despite the many material zones I think I eliminated all the mistakes such as wrong texture references, but only after a dozen or so beta-models of each part. I need a vacation now.  


  Alisa    ( ) ( posted at 1:47PM Mon, 13 August 2012 · edited on 1:48PM Mon, 13 August 2012 · @3971478

Thanks!!  This looks great :)


  a-frique    ( ) ( posted at 11:38AM Tue, 14 August 2012  · @3971964

Hiya! Still trying to download it... ShareCG connection is scorning me. Will let you know when I've managed to get it and open it up. But congrats on all the reviews and downloads!

  thishumblemosquito    ( ) ( posted at 1:39PM Tue, 14 August 2012  · @3972037

Quote - Hiya! Still trying to download it... ShareCG connection is scorning me. Will let you know when I've managed to get it and open it up. But congrats on all the reviews and downloads!

  • [facepalm] That's me accidentally posting on my sister's account after forgetting I logged out on a different tab. The 13th attempt worked and I have terraced houses!!!!! You deserve that vacation!!!

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 9:28PM Tue, 21 August 2012  · @3976258

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 2:29AM Wed, 22 August 2012 · edited on 2:30AM Wed, 22 August 2012 · @3976305

The shop front looks amazing! Top skills :thumbup:

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 12:27PM Wed, 22 August 2012  · @3976583

Being separate from the interior it's the only shop front able to take a U-turn.

  monkeycloud    ( ) ( posted at 12:40PM Wed, 22 August 2012  · @3976591

Ha ha! A neat trick indeed 😄

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