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 Subject: Darth J's WIP and Freebies (Take 2)

DarthJ opened this issue on Dec 15, 2010 · 621 posts

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  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 10:09PM Wed, 15 December 2010 · edited on 4:29PM Wed, 17 February 2016

British Railway Station

Depicting a generic suburban and/or small town station usable from the late 19th century till now.

The render shows the model without the yet unfinished signage (BR logo, posters ...).

Delivered as a prop without moving parts. Meant for exterior shots but a basic interior has been provided.

The 53 material zones should allow you to modify the model at your convenience.

Soon to be released at Sharecg.

  TheHalfdragon    ( ) ( posted at 10:19PM Wed, 15 December 2010  · @3740934

this looks awesome DarthJ very wickedly done

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 11:48PM Thu, 16 December 2010  · @3741317

Signage is nearly finished. As shown above a variety of posters has been provided as separate objects.

A journey to Prestatyn ? Sounds more as a Siberian gulag ...

Do I take the wife or the dog ? The dog is cheaper ...


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 12:06AM Fri, 17 December 2010  · @3741322

My choice for the signage was the British Railways period (1948 - 1997), hence the woodwork was modified to corporate colour "Monastral Blue".

Notice the yet unnamed station sign.

  SamTherapy    ( ) ( posted at 4:26AM Fri, 17 December 2010  · @3741342

Great work.  This is something I have wanted for a while.  Thank you.

Coppula eam se non posit acceptera jocularum.

My Store

My Gallery

  padonr    ( ) ( posted at 10:39AM Fri, 17 December 2010  · @3741437

this looks great! will you provide a link when its ready?


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 6:45PM Fri, 17 December 2010  · @3741636

Yes, of course. But it ain't finished yet !

For instance, for the nostalgic I have fabricated the British Rail region totem. All object and no textures. You simply change the colour to one of the six BR regions.  Or invent your own territory.

The Station name - in correct *Gil Sans * font - is a separate object and can be removed. Though you'll  probably need some font-to-object converter program to replace it, this was not made for texturing.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:01AM Fri, 24 December 2010  · @3744136

see render

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:02AM Fri, 24 December 2010  · @3744137

to use a famous cliché : "soon".

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:08AM Wed, 29 December 2010  · @3745961

Yes, that is the one. The texture above could become a freebie.

  dorseyland    ( ) ( posted at 5:36PM Sun, 02 January 2011  · @3747798

I've just downloaded the drivers' shelter now at Sharecg -- didn't see it at all in the Freepoz, and I rarely miss anything this cool. However, in doing so I realised that the Strawberry Fields structure was an entire station, not a solitary building, so I grabbed that too -- but I'd almost missed it!

Thanks a lot for this gear, Darth, and the Carry On memory flash as well. You carry on, too!


  PilotHigh    ( ) ( posted at 12:09PM Mon, 03 January 2011  · @3748075

Thanks Darth!

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 9:26PM Wed, 05 January 2011  · @3749057

"Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"

Meanwhile at this forum we carry on regardless. The render shows a pre-production model of my latest freebie, a modular pair of house back halves. Meant as background add-on for my railway station, can also be used as a stand-alone building of course. Or use many more placed side by side to make streets as long as you want to.

The home-made brick and slate textures will be offered in 10 variations each. Flip those textures upside down and you have 20 variations. Most of the other parts of the 2 houses can also be 'painted' individually.

At this stage modelling is done, next is the "Poserising".

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 2:47PM Mon, 10 January 2011  · @3750673

This one above has also been finished as it might become a priority : the French Customs building. Based on the "Rien à Déclarer" movie set mock building in La Macquenoise at the Belgian - French border. The movie set has been demolished since.

Another building from this set has been released before at Sharecg, the Belgian Guard Post. A third building is almost ready but needs a final extensive checkup.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 3:14PM Mon, 10 January 2011  · @3750689

A close-up.

As you can see you have to adapt the bump mapping to the viewing distance as displacement, triangular mesh and Poser don't work together very well.

The meter is not included, it's just a tool to scale the model. All my models are made to real world measurements, for instance the doors of this building should be 2.10 m high.

And of course Miki 3 is not included either.

  dorseyland    ( ) ( posted at 12:29PM Sun, 16 January 2011  · @3752919

Got Strawberry Fields in an entry in this month's DAZ freebie challenge, and it looks great!

Can't afford Poserworld, though.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 12:40PM Mon, 17 January 2011  · @3753309

My freebie in a DAZ contest ! The irony !

... being banned from the Daz forums etc ...

Too bad you can't afford the diner. I could easily make a whole diner myself but that wouldn't be fair towards Poserworld.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:00PM Mon, 17 January 2011  · @3753314

Meanwhile here we carry on with the previous freebie WIP : the House Backs.

(if anybody has a better name in mind please do post it)

The render above shows all the different material zones enabling you to individualize these basically identical houses.  I  have no solution for repairing the black zone on the roof.

I have also included a section of cobblestone street. The stone modelling is "real", not just a bump map.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 6:43PM Tue, 18 January 2011  · @3753862

We're getting there ...

Poserising is done, after a final check-up the packaging and upload procedures can be initiated.

  dorseyland    ( ) ( posted at 4:02AM Wed, 19 January 2011  · @3753927

Really nice, Darth! I'm guessing (since my geographical memory has become so jumbled) that these are "typical" English backyards, a touch above the working class. Dustbins, yes. Trees, no. Pigeon coop, maybe. On the other hand, it could well be any big city anywhere (in the West). You have someplace in particular in mind?

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 11:17AM Wed, 19 January 2011  · @3754025

As written earlier they are meant as a background for my British station, though their very generic appearance makes them usable for many more locations. Replacing the brick by any seamless tiled texture of your choice offers even more possibilities, see render above.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 4:39PM Wed, 19 January 2011  · @3754116

Also included : a prop loading 10 houses in a row, each house uses another variation of the same texture for bricks and slate. This would be the actual background prop for the station.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 4:53PM Wed, 19 January 2011  · @3754121

quote :

"a touch above the working class"

Not really, these cheap houses were built in large quantities to provide housing for the fast growing class of industrial workers in the 19th century. Once slums, now mostly sanitized or demolished. A well known example is the fictituous Coronation Street.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 10:39AM Sun, 23 January 2011  · @3755582

The dark alley between the houses and the station wall ...



  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 7:44PM Sat, 05 February 2011 · edited on 7:46PM Sat, 05 February 2011 · @3760841

Something must have happened in that dark alley ... no reply for such a long while ...

Not really ! Remember the "black spot on the roof" mentioned before ? While checking the model I gazed upon an ugly empty wall, the non-existing front side of the house. Then & there I decided to finish the houses completely. With a front.

The black spot on the back roof is gone ...

...  now it's on the front roof ...


You'll get it anyway.

The render shows a most appropriate vehicle for this environment, the Milkfloat from Poserworld (sorry, Dorseyland).

  JoEtzold    ( ) ( posted at 11:26PM Sat, 05 February 2011  · @3760888

May be it helps to split the vertices from that roof parts if  you have not done up to now. This is a usual problem poser is having with straight plain polygons. If you split the vertices between these and the connected surrounding polygons the phong shading is broken and the polys will show as plain as they are.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:15PM Mon, 14 February 2011 · edited on 5:20PM Mon, 14 February 2011 · @3765206

I wish I had the program (and the knowledge) to do so, JoEtzold.

Anyway, this terraced houses project expands further and further. Started as a backdrop, then full houses. So, what's missing ? A corner building of course, consisting of a normal and a corner house, which is usually a shop. Unfinished model shown in render above.


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:23PM Mon, 14 February 2011  · @3765212

And if you get a "right-hand" corner building you need a "left-hand" one too.

So, what is being constructed behind the fence ? Wait and see !

  JoEtzold    ( ) ( posted at 10:29PM Mon, 14 February 2011  · @3765295

Splitting vertices can be done by UV-Mapper. But normally also your modeller apps should be able to do such.

In german C4D the function is called "Ablösen ...". So in eglish may be called separation or dissolution or detach or something like this. You select the polygons in question and push that function and then they are separated from the rest.

  dorseyland    ( ) ( posted at 3:59PM Mon, 21 February 2011  · @3767946

What's that lovely young girl need the butter for?

And will she be behind the striped fence?

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:40PM Mon, 21 February 2011  · @3768002

What's that lovely young girl need the butter for?

Use it as spread on her bread of for cooking ? Got something else in mind ?

And will she be behind the striped fence?

Who knows ?


  SteveJax    ( ) ( posted at 8:59PM Mon, 21 February 2011  · @3768096

Quote - I wish I had the program (and the knowledge) to do so, JoEtzold.

Anyway, this terraced houses project expands further and further. Started as a backdrop, then full houses. So, what's missing ? A corner building of course, consisting of a normal and a corner house, which is usually a shop. Unfinished model shown in render above.

Your Billboards are all upside down.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 10:52AM Tue, 22 February 2011  · @3768338

Textures are not only upside-down but also mirrored left-right. Cause : the conversion to .3ds format. Several solutions but the easiest one is to provide also flipped / mirrored textures in Poser.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:33PM Fri, 25 February 2011  · @3769652

Update : terraced houses row as one prop now close to finish. As mentioned a slightly different design.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 10:09AM Tue, 01 March 2011  · @3770842

3 months have passed since my banishment from the DAZ forums and at first it seemed they were split-second right on schedule unbanishing me (thus confirming the theory that moderators are actually computer-bots, not real human beings) but no, I still can't post there. Maybe they want me to beg for this "privilege". Maybe they are writing a long TOS appendix with "don't"'s which I'll have to sign with my blood first.

Why do I want to go back anyway ? Because here at Renderosity I get even less feedback about my models than there. This forum reminds me of a medieval "oubliette".

Forgotten or not, as a result I'll have to stick around here for a while longer.  I am trying to finish the Terraced Houses and I have been working on something new, vacation cottage / chalet "Alptraum".

* *

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 3:14PM Thu, 03 March 2011  · @3771742

Chalet "Alptraum"

Of course you think you figured out the translation of that German name : Alps + Dream. Now check with a dictionary ...

The layout is realistic :

  • garage, kitchen and small storage room on the ground floor.

  • living room, bathroom and 1 bedroom on the first floor.

  • sun terrace on the roof.


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 6:16PM Sat, 12 March 2011 · edited on 6:18PM Sat, 12 March 2011 · @3775316

As mentioned before, when you want your posting "privileges" reinstated you have to contact DAZ :

At the end of your suspension period, you may contact us to discuss the reinstatement of your account.

It says "discuss", you're not getting them back automatically.

At that time, if you can show that you will not continue the behaviour that got you banned we will consider reinstating your posting privileges

It may be easy to know what to discontinue when you have been spamming or posting pictures of undressed underage people or so but when your "behaviour" was about defending your rights or at least the right to speak that's not so obvious. Daz being at the same time prosecutor and judge with a defence reduced to silence isn't a healthy situation either.

Anyway, to get the ball rolling I did contact their #1 moderator. He didn't bother to reply. So I contacted #2, a forum coordinator I think. She didn't bother to reply either.

Maybe my message was not submissive enough, maybe they will only consider reinstating me when hell freezes over, it would have been basic politeness to give me some reply. I don't see myself getting back to the Daz forums soon, whining in this forsaken freestuff forum certainly won't help. And it would require someone with guts to start a "bring DJ back" petition over at the Daz forums.

The important thing is : noticed how many freebies I uploaded lately ? None.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 6:49PM Sun, 27 March 2011  · @3780908

So much later.  Even after a helpful person from Daz Support forwarded my message to Him, no reply. Maybe you have more luck trying to get Him to talk to you :


What next ? Call Daz CEO Dan Farr himself ?

Meanwhile I'm still busy working at new stuff but if this situation lasts much longer I'll give everything away as a prize for charity donations, such as the "Boathouse" for this one :


Above : a 1950's fallout shelter (deluxe model). Able to survive nuclear and other explosions, floods, earthquakes and other disasters and provide living quarters for the necessary time (minimum 2 weeks) for a family of 4 to 6. Rooms : central living room, kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms, storage, engine room. No furniture has been provided to allow your imagination to roam freely about.

Note : the building is able to withstand all kinds of disasters but not the conversion to Poser : the (nearly) flawless look in the render was achieved with IBL lighting.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 9:44AM Sat, 02 April 2011  · @3782864


The Daz soap, continued.

To call Dan Farr, you need his (public) email. So I asked Daz support. Suddenly Daz support went silent as well ...

30 seconds to get banned, 30 days and not even getting an inch closer to being unbanned.

Meanwhile possible freebies come and go, the latest is a hypothetical Baywatch-type beach house. Previously unknown in Belgium, they should be used for the first time in 2012 on Blankenberge beach.

Only IBL lighting makes the mesh flaws disappear.



  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:01PM Sun, 03 April 2011 · edited on 10:14AM Wed, 17 February 2016 · @3783362

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

Update on the beach house :

 Lockers will be provided "downstairs" and the houses will be equipped with a state-of-the-art high-tech communications systems, as shown in the render above. If the experiment in Blankenberge is a success it will be extended to the whole Belgian coast, all 65 km of it. Possibly I will go out there into the Real World, take pictures of the real thing and turn it into a 3D model too.

But you can obtain the first to obtain (theoretical) model  : it's ready to be uploaded. The one who will decide whether or not you get it is ... Dan Farr.

  cherokee69    ( ) ( posted at 5:08PM Sun, 03 April 2011 · edited on 5:10PM Sun, 03 April 2011 · @3783364

Quote - But you can obtain the first to obtain (theoretical) model  : it's ready to be uploaded. The one who will decide whether or not you get it is ... Dan Farr.

What's stopping you from offering it here? DAZ3D isn't the only place you can post freebies.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 5:48PM Sun, 03 April 2011  · @3783386

It's not a "physical" problem, I never uploaded any freebies at Daz. Though I need their forum for feedback, here at Renderosity I almost get none. I got banned there for not obeying their order to shut up about one of my freebie threads being removed. Removed because the freebie was too similar with a recent vendor's item.

Or so they tell me, because this whole affair where they refuse to reinstate my posting rights simply by not responding seems to indicate another grudge. 

Anyway, the whole thing just keeps dragging on and unsettles me very much but I'm holding on, still modelling and still posting though not uploading. However, if even Dan Farr can't or won't offer a solution, then it's time to throw in the towel. I have other hobbies to keep me busy but not stressed.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:06PM Thu, 07 April 2011  · @3784562

Content Advisory! Nudity advisory.

Funny how the right incentive can make people talk : after sending that email I got a reply from Dan Farr after only 2 hours (Daz staff usually takes much longer to reply) and behold, 1/2 hour after that message their forum admin also replied !

Not that we are getting any further : to get my posting rights reinstated I should deliver some proof or assurance that in the future I will behave as they want me to. I answered (not literally) that since I am neither Marty Mc Fly or a Terminator I cannot guarantee my future behaviour. And back  into silence went the forum admin, not replying to my last email. 

Oh well, there is life without Daz also. Let's take a look at the nice lady above, enjoying covering herself with suntan oil.

Behind her is an add-on for the beach house, the beach cabin. Typical for the Belgian and southern Dutch coast. Only used during the summer season, folded and stored in a warm and dry place during winter. Not that our summers are particulary warm and dry.  An open and a closed version of the cabin are provided.


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:54PM Sun, 17 April 2011  · @3787503

FINALLY ! After another flanking manoeuvre - email to Dan Farr - I got an email from the forum admin in plain British English. And behold, after a very short answer to that email only 1 hour later I got a message that my privileges were reinstated.

Now I know why he has a cat as an avatar : cats like to play with their prey. 

So business will resume (almost) as usual and this thread will continue here :


Freebies will still be available from Sharecg.


Though I'm not selling this thread, you never know I might need it again.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 12:57PM Wed, 18 May 2011  · @3797641

And yes, I'm back. I knew my time in the Daz forums wasn't going to last long. Their #1 moderator had lost a battle but didn't want to lose the war which became very obvious when he twisted an incident until I became the culprit instead of the victim : someone "borrowed" my freebie and I was reprimanded because I made remarks about it. Thanks Music.

And another justified remark about reversed doorways got me banned again. It was considered as an act of aggression. Go figure.

I "only" got banned for another 3 months because they consider me a "valuable" member of their community. What a way to show that.

Since I remember too well what it took to get reinstated I doubt there will be a quick return to the Daz forums. I get a horrifying déjà-vu about this reinstatement-process where as a last resort it takes a few emails to their CEO Dan Farr to get things moving. And now they are even prepared for His intervention, as the decision was "unanimously made by the whole Daz forum team".

So it's back to this thread where you can follow my WIP's, make remarks about them and NOT get banned. Eventually this will even result in some downloads, such as the (typical Belgian) ZEEDIJK (sea front) :


Feel free to comment with more than a "thank you", I don't bite when I'm not hungry.


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 2:02PM Wed, 18 May 2011  · @3797657

And to make sure you didn't miss any of my creations, take a look at my Sharecg gallery :


  DocMikeB    ( ) ( posted at 9:13PM Wed, 18 May 2011  · @3797858

Excellent models, thank you!


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:34AM Sat, 21 May 2011  · @3798626

About the above Zeedijk render :

If you don't know what the girl-with-soft-drinks-at-the-balcony is about take a look at this :



  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 8:42PM Tue, 31 May 2011  · @3802222

WIP : texture(s) for "My van" sold in the Renderosity marketplace.

"Freebie" is relative here as the van itself costs about 19$ and the add-ons about 7$ each. But there aren't many modern vans available for Poser such as this one which would be inspired by a sixth generation (2000-2006) Ford Transit .

Transits are used about anywhere in the world though were never sold in North America.


The first texture is a workshop van for Sibelga, natural gas and electricty distributor for Brussels. You don't want this truck to show up in your neighbourhood with flashing blue lights : gas leak !


  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:17PM Sun, 05 June 2011  · @3803771

WIP : texture(s) for "My van" sold in the Renderosity marketplace.

Next texture is for a "Taxipost" van. Once the Belgian Post's express service, now concerning all packages.

Based on the real vehicle photographed while it was standing at the storage parking, waiting to be shipped off to its new owner. Stripped of its postal markings and dignity this vehicle will roam the streets for many years to come.

At a time where all the other Belgian Post vans used to be made by French brands (Renault and Citröen) a Ford was an odd choice. Though the most recent vans are now Fiat.

  DarthJ    ( ) ( posted at 1:34PM Sun, 05 June 2011  · @3803773

The real vehicle, gone meanwhile ...

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