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 Subject: Post a pic of yourself!

cartesius opened this issue on Dec 11, 2003 · 230 posts

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  cartesius ()  ( posted at 5:13PM Thu, 11 December 2003 · edited on 8:18AM Fri, 10 March 2006

While reading the forum tonight I realized that I have absolutely no clue what people in here really look like. It would be nice to put a face on most of the names so why not post a pic of yourself? I'll go first :)


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  EdW ()  ( posted at 5:26PM Thu, 11 December 2003 

I'll add mine I'm the ugly mug with the hat on Ed

  Chris ()  ( posted at 5:38PM Thu, 11 December 2003 

ok ok ... here is mine :) Chris

"It Is Useless To Resist!" - Darth Vader

  kromekat ()  ( posted at 5:48PM Thu, 11 December 2003 

I'm the good looker on the screen - don't know the muppet on the right is! ;)

Adam Benton | www.kromekat.com

  audity ()  ( posted at 6:04PM Thu, 11 December 2003 

hello there!

  miketche ()  ( posted at 7:48PM Thu, 11 December 2003 

Yep, that's me.

My Signature goes here...

  Tugmaster ()  ( posted at 8:37PM Thu, 11 December 2003 

This is the best I can do in case there's any wanted posters out for me. Oh and all that grey in my beard and hair is just the lighting.

  samiwas ()  ( posted at 10:26PM Thu, 11 December 2003 

This is me (on the left), and my fiancee, Emily. I just really figured out how few pictures I have of myself!!! :) Sam

  segart ()  ( posted at 12:14AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

  BM8509 ()  ( posted at 2:25AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

Here you go :)

  Richy-Rich ()  ( posted at 2:26AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

Attached Link: http://www.cinema4d.nl

Nice topic.
We did the same on www.cinema4d.nl .
When i have a nice picture of myself i'll post it..

RichArt. ;-)

www.C4DLounge.eu Our new Dutch/Belgium C4D forum.

  BM8509 ()  ( posted at 2:26AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

Attached Link: http://www.bonkers.de/pics/me3.jpg

Hm, sorry including the image didn't work :/ Here's the link

  prodag ()  ( posted at 3:41AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

I am the one in front of the train.:)

  strata ()  ( posted at 4:07AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

Hello, hello, nice to see you all. (speciallt prodag, he he!) :D Strata

“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” Nikola Tesla

  prodag ()  ( posted at 4:21AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

ok, ok here I am :) Cool idea cartesius ! Yoav

  jddog ()  ( posted at 4:22AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

Nice to see you gs here is my face ;) jdd ;)

// Julien Daulte | jdaulte.ch
// moderator italian C4D forum | c4dhotline

  jddog ()  ( posted at 4:24AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

I reconize you on the train prodag ! Lol

// Julien Daulte | jdaulte.ch
// moderator italian C4D forum | c4dhotline

  pingo ()  ( posted at 6:16AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

I'm the saussage. cheers!

  Lynne ()  ( posted at 7:09AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

A virtualy meeting of faces...too fun!

  mskocko ()  ( posted at 7:12AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

From a few years ago...


  Apache2k ()  ( posted at 8:52AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

Hello people.... thats me... "Eetu aka Apache2k"

  kromekat ()  ( posted at 9:30AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

lol! - a lot of goatees in the Cinema community! :-)>

Adam Benton | www.kromekat.com

  tempest2001 ()  ( posted at 9:37AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

After working all night long. Jay

  jddog ()  ( posted at 9:43AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

Kromekat > goatees and a quite evidet white/pale skin color and some "square" eyes, lol ;D I will a screen with UV to take more colors gs !

// Julien Daulte | jdaulte.ch
// moderator italian C4D forum | c4dhotline

  YL ()  ( posted at 11:06AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

Me one minute ago ;=) Yves

  parasite3 ()  ( posted at 11:19AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

Seems like I'm the youngest one here... This is me. (No, I'm not that pale always. Just sometimes.)

  Incarnadine ()  ( posted at 11:32AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

Moi! ...as posted in the member's photos gallery and bryce forums.

Pass no temptation lightly by, for one never knows when it may pass again!

  stewer ()  ( posted at 11:50AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

No, I can't play. but I try.

  Apache2k ()  ( posted at 11:58AM Fri, 12 December 2003 

Moi? Moi vaan :), Hello,, this is a great idea,,, when someone is just posts some message, you get a random face in the mind, and now you see the real picture and can compare.... hmm A2k.

  squidinc ()  ( posted at 12:54PM Fri, 12 December 2003 


  poserpro ()  ( posted at 1:11PM Fri, 12 December 2003 

he he, my hand holding my pet. A Baby Civet Cat says hello to every member, for its master :D.

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